Optimal Posting Frequency

There is much talk over the internet about how often you should post to social networks and everyone wants to know the optimal posting frequency for every network out there.

Optimal Posting Times

As you may have discovered from my series of blogs on Buffer’s core values, I’m a huge fan of Buffer and the way they’re making social media management easier for both individuals and social media managers.  I use Buffer for all of my social networks as well as those of several of my clients.  I have found that Buffer’s timing tool is the best in the industry when you want to get your message out to your most active audience at their most active times.

Following is an excellent infographic of optimal posting frequency on every social network created by the folks at SumAll based upon a Buffer blog. 

Excellent Infographic of optimal posting frequency on social networks created by SumAll based on a Buffer blog. #social #media #posting #frequency