The Value of Free & Books vs Blogs

Self-Publishing’s Heyday

When I first got into self-publishing, right after my publisher folded in 2011, it was a great time to be self-published.  Sales of my backlist earned about $500-600 a month consistently for about a year before sales dropped off.  It was no surprise that sales dropped since that was a difficult period of divorce and adjustment for me and I wasn’t publishing anything new.  After a while, readers get tired of waiting and, well, I really can’t expect them to buy the same book over and over, can I?

The Value of Free & Books vs Blogs an early adopter of Kindle Publishing, it was a great time.  Had I not been so worried about earning a living quickly so I could support my kids, I might have published more, but it was a frantic and scary time in my life and creativity wanes when fear is all consuming.

Being Heard Above the Noise

Today, there are millions of books available on Amazon and thousands of authors are self-publishing.  The pool is wider and deeper than ever before and that means far more competition for the reader’s dollar.  My backlist barely earns me enough to buy pizza once a month now.  Times change and I think it is time for me to change my approach.

The Value of Free

Now that I’m ready to write again, I’m going to change up my publishing plan and start publishing on my website.

That’s right, free for all readers.  No subscriptions.  No memberships.  Just free to read.

Are you wondering why?

It isn’t because I think my writing is junk – far from it.  It’s because I can earn more with your occasional click on an ad in my sidebar or the use of an affiliate link than I can by publishing a book at Amazon.  When we get right down to it, by telling my stories to a few friends (you) and having them share them with their friends, I’m allowed to have a closer connection to my readers and find out what they really like or don’t like.

Old & New Releases

I’ve got some proofreading to do on Ballantine’s Day (one of my Task Force 125 stories) but I expect I should be able to begin releasing chapters in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll be releasing chapters from Beans to Bread (my Ezekiel Bread cookbook), blogging about our upcoming RV trip, sharing some author interviews, and throwing you some great Hot Guys in Tee Shirts!

It’s a new day.  Paradigms are shifting and free has more value than ever.

I hope you’ll subscribe and keep reading.  I’ve got great things planned and they’ll all be shared right here – FREE!