How a FitBit Flex Stopped My Negative Self-Talk The best thing I’ve ever done for my overall health is to buy the Fitbit Flex.  This sturdy yet unobtrusive bracelet has helped me to align my sleep, activity, and nutrition to the point where I know exactly what is an is not working in my efforts.  Even better, it has made me see that I’m treating my body well and need to stop being overly critical of myself.  It literally got me off my own back when it came to how I was criticizing and berating myself!


My Fitbit monitors my sleep, automatically detecting when I’ve fallen asleep as well as whenever I’m restless or wake up.  It measures the amount of time I sleep each night as well as the number of times I wake or am restless, giving me a clear picture of what sleep environment and timing works best for my body.  Thanks to my Fitbit, I’ve discovered that I don’t need ten hours of sleep each night, I just need six and a half hours of good quality sleep.  This was a huge piece of information for me!  I’d just freed up three and a half hours a day!


As a writer, I am sedentary most of the day.  Before I had my Fitbit, I had no idea I was only taking about 2000-3000 steps a day!  Thanks to my Fitbit, I’ve managed to step up my step goals and gradually increase my daily steps over time.  I’ve gone from 3000 to 7000 and I’m about to bump that up to 10,000 soon.  Since my Fitbit also tracks other activities, I can keep track of any biking, weight training, yardwork, or anything else I do that burns significant calories.


I’ve always been very careful about the food I feed my body.  I hated counting calories and preferred to count macronutrients like protein and carbohydrates instead.  I’d come to a point where I’d begun to wonder if this was a bad idea and possibly the cause of my inability to lose weight.  That’s when the Fitbit straightened me out!  As it turns out, my protein vs carbohydrates levels were fairly even already but the big surprise was that I only take in about 1100 calories a day.  Who knew?!  Because of that, I’ve decided to try to bump up my calories a bit in the form of proteins and vegetables to see what might tip the scale.

Negative Self-Talk

If you’re like I was an tend to be a bit overcritical of yourself when it comes to diet and exercise, you may just want to do what I did and try the free Fitbit desktop app for a few weeks.  If you like the desktop app, you’ll love ny one of the Fitbit tracker models available from the inexpensive and versatile Flex to the Surge fitness superwatch.

Whatever might be holding you back in achieving your personal health goals, whether it be sleep, activity or nutrition – or you just aren’t sure – Fitbit can help you get a grip on what’s going on and even help you to stop that negative self talk you might be doing.  Go ahead, you’re worth it!