My Kids Play Video Games All Day #unschool #Gaming ‎


I am well aware that letting one’s children play video games most of the day is a very unpopular position but I’m not really interested in old paradigm thinking.  My friend’s daughter sleeps in and earns what I understand to be a very good living (by my standards) playing video games all night.  She’s a streamer and pro gamer.  Check her out on Twitch here.

Unschooling Works (For Us)

My Kids Play Video Games All Day #unschool #Gaming ‎ Kerbal Space ProgramThe fact of the matter is we are unschoolers and it works very well for us.  The boys enjoy the freedom of being able to explore their individual interests with sandbox games, learn the mechanics and engineering through doing rather than reading (as they would in school) and researching the creations of others on YouTube and streaming television for inspiration for their own creations.  The video games the boys are playing are teaching them about logic, engineering, mechanics, and physics.  I’ll be regularly featuring videos from them for those who are curious, easily entertained, or just want more information on how video games can foster a learning environment on several levels.

My Kids Play Video Games All Day #unschool #Gaming ‎ minecraftTeddy’s Vertical Farm

This week, Teddy has created a very interesting vertical farm that I thought was well worth featuring.  He’s built towers (construction) and uses redstone (electric circuitry) to grow and harvest pumpkins and melons (sustainability) that he sells in his market (economics).  When you stop to consider what your kids are learning by playing a game, you just might find some value in what you consider “just a game”.  I know I did!

Sparky’s Transformers

My Kids Play Video Games All Day #unschool #Gaming ‎ scrap mechanicSparky has been going through a phase where he finds Transformers fascinating.  He’s seen a couple of the movies but has mostly been watching YouTube videos of other people’s creations.  Sparky chose the Scrap Mechanic platform to start creating his own transforming vehicles.  This video is a demonstration on his recent creations.