Image optimization can make a huge difference in your readership.  My father is a carpenter so we never lived in a house that was finished.  I help people optimize their websites so my own site has been running at significantly less than optimized.  But that is changing.

Getting My Own Ducks in a Row

After years of working on other people’s websites and social media to make them faster, stronger, more subscribe to and with greater reach, I’m finally doing those things for my own online properties.  In the case of, all the pictures of hot guys were really slowing it down.  (Don’t worry, they’re still there.  They’ve just been optimized so they load faster and put a smile on your face in three seconds or less.)

The Big Plan

This is part of a larger and more comprehensive plan for me:

  1. Optimize my 1323 images so they load faster
  2. Optimize my 1323 images for better Pinterest Pinning
  3. Optimize my 901 blogs for Search Engine Optimization
  4. Change my website theme to a more functional magazine style so people can find exactly what they’re looking for and see sidebars that are relevant to their interests
  5. Create more content for the readers who want it

Image Optimization is a Big Job

I’ve spent the entire day working just on image optimization.  All of my Hot Guys blogs are graphic heavy so I had thousands of high resolution images that were making page load time intolerable.  Did you know that 40% of people will leave a website without reading anything if it takes longer than three seconds to load?  If your website takes longer than three seconds to load, those are page views you aren’t getting.

Let’s break that down:

After many hours spent smushing all of my graphic files with the WordPress plugin WP Smush, I’ve managed to take my website from a load time of 14 seconds to only 4 seconds.  That was an eight-hour job!

Next, I’ll be optimizing all of my images for Pinterest.

How fast is your website?  Are you losing readers?  Try the Pingdom Website Speed Test to find out.