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My Darling Companion, Mike Morales, flew to Mexico this week for a simple 3-day business trip. The itinerary was simple.  The first day would be spent traveling to Mexico (from Texas), the second would be spent touring the Embajador Tequila distillery and interviewing the family that owns it, and the third day would be his return flights.

We left the house at 4:30am to drop him off at the airport for his flight.  Since he was connecting with an international flight, he needed to check in two hours prior.  He was expected to arrive in Guadalahara just short of noon.

Best Laid Plans

Well, it didn’t all go down that way. his initial flight from San Antonio was delayed and delayed some more until they finally decided to get him a different flight on a different airline. American Airlines booked a flight with United out of a different city and assured him that his luggage would arrive safely and on time. you know what happens next, right?

17 1/2 Hours later, Mike arrived at his hotel without luggage.  I could have driven there from San Antonio, hours after he left, and been drinking cocktails in a clean change of clothes when he got there.  So much for the speed of flying.


Mike’s current adventure, combined with my sons’ recent flight fiasco (3 days from Texas to Germany via Canada) has proven what I have believed for years and inspired me to write a blog about the nightmares of flying versus the bliss of RVing.

Why RVing is Better Than Flying

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a little comparison between RVing and flying.  I think it just might change your mind about ever flying again.

  • When your plane is grounded you have to wait in an airport and reschedule all your flights.  When your RV is grounded you make a sandwich and relax.sandwich
  • When the airline loses your luggage you have nothing to wear on your vacation. You can’t lose your luggage in an RV.
  • When you fly and the pet sitter doesn’t take care of your animals you come back to outrageous Veterinary bills or dead critters. catsWhen you RV, you take your pets with you and everyone usually survives.
  • If you don’t make it to your hotel by 6 p.m. they will give you room to someone else. If the RV park gives your lot to someone else, you still have a bed and can park at the nearest Walmart.
  • Until you get to your destination, you are the prisoner of the airlines. In an RV, getting to your destination is half the fun.
  • Airline and airport food is an expensive crap shoot. RV food is everything you love from the grocery store.
  • margaritaA cocktail in an airport bar can cost as much as a fifth of liquor. In an RV, you can pack a fifth of liquor in your kitchen and make pitchers of margaritas when you arrive.
  • For airlines, you have to ensure that your carry-on is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment or pay extra to check it as luggage. In an RV, your carry-on can be as big as you want it to be with no extra charge.
  • Sleeping in an airport when you miss a connection is uncomfortable and a great way to get your pockets picked. Sleeping in an RV is just like home.
  • Hotel Beds and pillows can be uncomfortable.  When you RV, it’s your bed and your pillow every night.

And For Our Next Adventure…

We’ll be taking a month-long RV trip through America’s heartland!