I just watched “I Am Not Your Guru” on Netflix and have to say I really enjoyed it.  I’ll be honest, I’ve been a fan of Tony Robbins’ methods for years and find that if I’m willing to do the work, I do have what might be considered breakthroughs with them.

If you Google this program, you’ll see plenty of people poo-pooing it.  Personally, I’m not interested in their opinions.  Either you like Tony Robbins or you don’t.  I’m not here to change your mind.  This blog is about my journey.

Aside from all the poo-pooing, I did find this article in Vogue very interesting:

tony-robbinsJoe Berlinger on His New Documentary and Why Tony Robbins Is Not a Guru

The interview opens with a quote from an email from Michael Moore to Joe Berlinger on his documentary.  Although the interviewer clearly wasn’t a fan of Tony Robbins, the interview addressed the “cult” claim very well.  It all boils down to this:

Tony gives you the tools to live whatever life you want. He’s not there to tell you how to live, what a perfect life is. A perfect life for each person is life on their own terms.

After the documentary, I started taking a look at my own life.  (I do that on occasion.)  Then I searched for more Tony Robbins material online since I can’t afford the $5k for the Date With Destiny program.

Then I found this video:

The video itself isn’t new, but it does provide questions to help one grow.  Here’s what they boil down to:

What is an area in your life that you feel needs improvement?

Where are you now?

  • Write down, in detail, what your life is like in that area.
  • What are the rituals that put you there?

Where do you want to be?

  • What do you want in that area of your life?
  • What rituals do you need to put yourself there?

They’re simple questions, but when you pay attention to what they’re really asking – and you’re honest with yourself – something important happens.

Here’s a tiny example from one of several little breakthroughs I had today:


The rocking chair in the living room did nothing for my idea of a fit lifestyle, so I swapped it out with my exercise bike.

There’s a bigger story around this particular breakthrough but I’ll bore you with it in another blog.

In the meantime, what happens when you ask yourself the questions above and answer them honestly?

Anything happen?