Making Time For Work & Play on Our Next RV Adventure

During our last RV trip, we tried to pack in as much as humanly possible and it seemed like every day involved driving.  We were (I was) entirely overambitious when it came to planning the trip.  I wanted to see every spectacle so I packed our schedule with exhausting days.

I’m a little embarrassed to say it became very much like National Lampoon’s Vacation.  I went a little Clark Griswold on my guys and not n the good way.

Making Time For Work & Play on Our Next RV Adventure

So this time, I’m trying not to over plan the trip.  Yes, I’ll still make campground reservations and, yes, I’ll still plan on us seeing the sights, but I’ve also planned in rest days.  Days when we can just relax and soak up the local flavor.  If we want to just stay at the campground and chill, we will.  (I’m hoping that the planning of mostly short, 4-hour, driving days and only driving every other day will help us all to be able to get more enjoyment and less exhaustion out of this trip.

*Travel tip: if you’re driving through Texas, it will take you at least one whole day to drive to the border, no matter where you start.  That’s just the way it is.  Strange magic. 

Another thing I’ve planned is a few days at the end of the tour, with no attractions to see and nothing planned, to just decompress before we make our way home.  We’ll all be able to just chill out in a relaxing environment and Mike and I will be able to spend some time wrapping up our travel blogs and creating the final bits of social media content for all of our networks.