The folks at Thor Motor Coach were right on the money with this recent tweet!

Countdown to Our Next RV Trip Next RV Trip

My darling companion, Mike, and I are currently in the planning process for our next RV trip.  Although if I had my way, we’d always be planning our next RV trip.

OK, you caught me – I AM always planning our next RV trip!

This next trip will be kicking off in September and is part of an influencer marketing campaign we’ve put together called The Heartland Tour.  Most of the sponsors who have signed on are agave spirits brands (like tequila and mezcal) but we have a few others that fall nicely into the family travel and food pairing fun categories.

Working Vacation?

Most people associate RVing with vacations or retirement.  Well, Mike and I are self-employed and that means we never really take a vacation and we love what we do so it is highly unlikely we’ll be retiring anytime soon.  So why wait?!

We don’t see any reason to wait to enjoy traveling when we already enjoy our work enormously and can easily work it into life on the road.  Being entrepreneurs who work online and homeschoolers who take advantage of every teaching opportunity, RV trips suit us very well indeed.

*Note* We don’t let the fact that we don’t own an RV slow us down.  We just rent one!  

Countdown to Our Next RV Trip


The Planning Process

My next several blogs will be about our planning process.  There are several facets involved such as:

  • How long will we be on the road?
  • How long can we stop at each campground?
  • How much work will we need to get done while we’re on the road?
  • What will the boys be doing while we’re on the road?
  • What learning opportunities do we have available on the trip?
  • What special attractions do we want to see?
  • Where will we work out while we’re on the road?
  • Which foods do we want to pack in and which ones will be buy along the way?

As you can see, we have a lot to think about!  Watch my upcoming blogs for how we manage to juggle all of these and still have lots of fun.  It can be done!

Until then, the countdown continues!