I’m excited to be re-releasing all of my Task Force 125 books with all the extra chapters, dossiers, and short stories that never made it into the original publications.
Book #1 – The Path to Freedom – was released today. If you’ve already purchased the Kindle edition, please sync and update your version to get all the bonus goodness. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can get it here.  It is also available in paperback with special pricing for the Kindle book add-on.

Funny thing about the Task Force 125 series: it was never meant to be a romance.  It was always meant to be about the action, adventure, and espionage.  You’ll find it in those genres at Amazon now – not Romance.

My publisher pushed it in the direction of romance even though it doesn’t follow a traditional romantic storyline.  I originally wrote “love” scenes as fade to black, but my editors were determined.
Let me tell you just how awful it was for my editors to ask for more detailed love scenes when all I really wanted to do was write the action and fight scenes!  And humiliating…oh, they made fun of me for months!

I’ve seen reviews by men who thought it was great and others who thought Sarah Stevens, a “Swallow” in spy jargon, was just a whore.  Other readers criticized the fact that some of my spies were smokers.  Still others refused to believe parts of the stories as plausible when in fact, those were the parts that happened in real life that I fictionalized!  I’ve seen reviews by women who loved Sarah’s transformation and others who were irate at the lack of a “Happily Ever After” Romantic ending as they’ve come to expect from the Romance genre.  This series isn’t for everybody.
Thank you to those of you who did enjoy it and took the time to review it.
If you haven’t read it, here’s the litmus test:
  1. Did you enjoy Point of No Return?
  2. Did you enjoy The Expendables?
  3. Did you enjoy Red Sparrow?

If you can answer “Yes” to at least 2 out of these three questions, you just may love The Path to Freedom.

Love it or hate it, I’ve decided I must write the other characters’ stories and continue the team’s exploits, so I’m doing just that.  Following is a list of the stories I have written, partially written or at least outlined as I plan to publish them:

  • The Path to Freedom, Book #1
  • A Taste of Liberty, Book #2 (Coming soon with bonus features)
  • Freedom’s Promise, Book #3 (Coming soon with bonus features)
  • Stealing Liberties, Book #4 (Coming soon with bonus features)
  • Task Force 125 Box Set, Books #1-4 with bonus materials (Coming Christmas 2018)
  • Kissing the Frogman (Brian’s Story) (Coming soon with bonus features)
  • Ballantine’s Day (Tracey’s Story) (Coming soon with bonus features)
  • Chasing Freedom (Working Title), Book #5
  • Sweet Liberty (Working Title), Book #6
  • Unnamed Manuscript (Jason’s Story)
  • Unnamed Manuscript (Will’s Story)
  • Unnamed Manuscript (Chris’s Story)
  • Unnamed Manuscript (Rig’s Story)


As you can see, I’ve got quite a few that were left orphaned when my life fell apart eight years ago.

Now, I’m back and I’m bringing the whole team with me!