In Search of an Ezekiel Bread Recipe to make in a bread machine at home for less

My boyfriend and I love Ezekiel bread.  Since we go to the gym (some biking and lots of lifting) at least four days a week, we’re paying close attention to the foods we eat.  One food we’ve been buying lately is Ezekiel Bread.  (Ezekiel bread is a bread made with whole grains, and sprouted beans and legumes.  The name Ezekiel is for the biblical reference for the original recipe.  Apparently a whole bunch of folks were going to be traveling in the desert for a couple years, so their God recommended they make their bread this way.  They did.  It sustained them.)

The big attraction to Ezekiel Bread is the protein and fiber content.  While it isn’t gluten free, it’s combination of grains and legumes does provide a complete protein (good news for vegans).  The protein and fiber content of this bread make it world’s different from the processed Wonder Bread much of our society eats today.  It is also a low-glycemic food so diabetics and those who are insulin resistant can eat it without seeing their blood sugar skyrocket.  In addition to all of that, I love the hearty texture and nutty flavor.

orange, cranberry, ezekiel bread, bread machine, homemadeUnfortunately, a loaf of Ezekiel bread costs about $4.50 at our local Sprouts, which is also halfway across town.  Needless to say, this causes a bit of a burden on a writer’s budget as well as making for a huge carbon footprint.  So, being the thrifty shopper that I am (who happens to love preparing foods at home), I found a recipe.

*Another benefit to making it at home was I could leave out the soy found in the commercially processed version and be sure it was all good for me.  Did you know soy products can wreak havoc on people with thyroid issues?

I tried this recipe last night, just as AffectionKnit laid it out on her blog (minus the overnight phase) and it was awesome!  It wasn’t a high, airy bread.  It was a short, dense loaf, but I expected as much.  The flavor was excellent and it cost a fraction of what a commercially prepared loaf would cost at the store.  For the price of 2 loaves from the store, I have enough supplies to bake about 10 loaves at home.  That works out to about $1 a loaf.  You can’t get that price on Wonder Bread, nevermind something healthy!

Today, I’m baking a cranberry/orange variation that should be an excellent breakfast toast with a little cream cheese on top.

Tomorrow, I may try making Ezekiel English Muffins for some training table Egg McMuffins!

Author’s note: I’ve worked on this recipe for years and finally come up with a fluffy Ezekiel 4:9 style bread that I prepare in my bread machine and bake at home.  You can get my recipe by clicking here.