In my first blog on Ezekiel Bread – The Sourdough Experiment, I mentioned that I wanted to try to bake Ezekiel Bread solely with sourdough as leavening.  I’m easing into that experiment slowly so as not to lose any bread in the process.  (An inedible batch is a failure I won’t abide.)  The batch I made with 1/4 cup sourdough starter added to the original Ezekiel Bread recipe baked into monstrous, delicious, fluffy sandwich rolls that we used for barbecue pulled pork sandwiches that put Arby’s completely to shame.

Yesterday, I made a batch with 1/2 cup sourdough starter and only 1/2 the yeast I normally use in my regular Ezekiel Bread recipe.  This batch rose well with more lift than the original recipe with commercial yeast and without sourdough.  The consistency of the bread was fluffier too.

All of this surprised me because I was distracted while measuring sprouts and put in an extra 1/4 cup.  Despite the extra weight of the sprouts, I got more lift than normal and a pleasantly moist bread.  (Don’t you hate when your homemade bread is so dry you have to use it for croutons?!)

My sourdough starter has plenty of bubbles and still looks good today so despite yesterday’s positive results, I’ve tried a second batch with the appropriate amount of sprouts, 1/2 cup sourdough starter and 1/2 the usual yeast to see how it all plays out.  I expected good results considering yesterday’s botched measurement batch.

Shaped dough




They looked pretty normal when I shaped them.  The extra 1/2 cup of starter did make the dough stickier so I may consider adjusting the water I put into the recipe.



After rising for 1 hour

They still more than doubled after one hour of rising.



baked The finished sourdough/yeast combination worked out very nicely.  As you can see from the two photos (left & below), I got some significant size and lift from this batch.



Look for my next Sourdough Experiment blog in which I’ll attempt to make Ezekiel Bread solely with sourdough for leavening.  This should be interesting!