Are you on the fence about meditation? Then let’s make things a little easier for you: this is something that you absolutely should do.

Meditation is a super useful skill and a form of brain training that can help to fortify your mind and make you more effective in a wide range of situations. Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons you should consider taking up meditation today.

It Builds Your Brain

Believe it or not, meditation can physically change the shape of your brain, making it thicker, stronger and better connected. Studies show that meditation increases the amount of white matter (cells that support the neurons) as well as cortical thickness in the all-important frontal regions.

This correlates with improved attention, better memory and faster processing speeds.

In short: meditation makes you smarter!

It Helps You Deal With Stress

Meditation is a tool that you can use whenever you need to escape from the stresses of daily life. This is a ‘place’ you can escape to at any time and allows you to rise above the various challenges that you normally face.

At the same time though, meditation also helps you to remain on a more even keel allthe time and to keep your mind still and placid. This is not only an important change for your own wellbeing, but also something that can have profound effect on your ability to perform under pressure.

It Gives You Greater Emotional Control

If you want to come across as someone who is calm, collected and on top of things, then keeping your calm is one of the best ways to do that. We are instantly drawn to and impressed by people who seem to have their emotions under control and this is something that can help you to perform better in relationships, in your career and more. If you seem to be constantly in a fluster on the other hand, then you’ll seem volatile, unpredictable and potentially unreliable.

It Provides Mental Discipline

Meditation is the ultimate expression of self-discipline. This is the ability to sit quietly and not allow any distracting thoughts to derail your attempt to be calm and still.

If you can manage to resist the temptation to think about other things, then in daily life you’ll be able to resist other impulses and other things that are trying to distract you too.

I’ve been meditating daily for years now. I’m particularly fond of guided meditations and have used some great ones to make major changes in my life. I can only imagine where I’d be now if I’d started decades ago.

Monkey mind is a killer.

Give meditation a try today.