For the longest time, I didn’t understand that part of loving myself was creating and enforcing boundaries for people in my personal and business life who caused me discomfort. Discomfort…

Pain and blatant toxicity are easy to spot, but discomfort can sneak up on you and build itself into something deadly before you even realize it.

I remember a phone conversation one day, which wasn’t much more than a “Hey, how are you?” kind of call, but when I got off the phone, someone in the room remarked at how I had became completely deflated and a whole other person after that phone call. I considered that.

That was when I finally realized contact with that person on the phone needed to be limited. It wasn’t out of anger or malice, it was self preservation. That person lowered my vibe so far that I needed meditation to get myself and my day back on track.

I’ve set a boundary now and I enforce it fiercely. I haven’t mastered this completely. There are still people who cause me discomfort (even by text), but I’m working on that too.

How are you at boundaries? Are there people that deflate you with whom you’d like to enforce stronger boundaries?