I’ve just released my first new fiction in a VERY long time!

The Beacon is a Kindle Vella serial with new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday. I have 25 initial chapters that encompass a full story arc. (If readers enjoy it, I have other storylines that would branch out from there.) The first 3 episodes are free if you’d like to meet some of the characters now.

It’s a slight departure from Task Force 125, but you may find similarities as well. The setting is dystopian with zombies, so if you enjoyed The Walking Dead’s early years, this might be of interest.

There are still a lot of military and ex-military characters, private military companies, guns, vehicle chases and ass-kicking heroes of both the male and female variety that are both adults and teens.

As with most of my previous stories, you will not find graphic sex. People will still fall in love, but we won’t watch them consummate it.

There are a lot of characters here. I wrote Lara and Tommy a decade ago and the others came later. I’ve always loved the way Jackie Collins brought her characters together by weaving in separate storylines. I have tried to do a little of that here.

Another influence of mine is Elmore Leonard (Justified on TV and so many entertaining books), so you’ll meet characters who love, cuss, kill, and don’t always feel bad about it.

I have other stories in the works as well, but this is where I’m starting. I hope you’ll be inclined to fit my characters into your reading schedule.