The Ultimate Author Interview Question List Motherlode of Author/Character Interview Questions

This is the ultimate author interview question list.  It is a monster (it can also be used for character interviews) and with the hundreds of questions I have here, you will be guaranteed never to give a boring guest blog or want for blogging fodder again.  The best way to be prepared is to answer these questions before you ever need them and keep them in your Author Brand File.  By doing so, you’ll easily have at least 20-300 pages of question & answer completed for yourself in no time at all and you’ll always be ready to promote a new release or fill in with a last minute guest blog when that NYT Bestselling Author asks you to help her out.

How to Use It

If you’re planning a blog tour, just pick out a few of these questions for each scheduled stop and lightly bridge the transitions from question to question and you’ve got a bang-up blog!

Suggested use: Utilize a random number generator like to select ten questions for your guest blog/interview.  The possible combinations are virtually endless.

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