When my parents raised me to be “seen and not heard”, it taught me that I should simply blend into the background and not stand out. They also raised me to be extremely competent in everything I do. They meant well, but they raised me to be narcissist bait.

Narcissists will seek out partners (personal or business) who make them look good to others; people who will boost their ego. They want someone who will give them a strategic advantage in their social or business dealings. That may be someone who’s attractive, wealthy, well-connected, or simply has a whole lot of business competence and a complete lack of self-confidence.

There are way too many narcissists out there, getting ahead at the expense of others who let them.

If you’re afraid to shine and own your competence because somebody will get their feelings hurt or feel “less than”, you’ve got yourself a narcissist.

Stop being seen and not heard.

Stop blending into the background.

Stop stopping yourself.