Each novel/novella in the Task Force 125 series will be followed by a free short story about the team. While these stories wont have a direct bearing on the plot of the series, they will give you insights into the characters.

This excerpt was taken from Sarah’s Summer, the short that follows The Path to Freedom. You can download Sarah’s Summer free at www.LisaPietsch.com.

Sarah stepped closer so the guy would have nowhere else to look but her face. “That’s my man you’re posing with, so it is my business, bitch. Now you can be a nice boy and let go of him or I’ll have to let him kick your ass.”

“Fuck you.”

A tanned, muscular arm flashed through the air and the guy who had been speaking to Sarah suddenly found himself lying on the floor.

Jason stood and looked at the man on the floor. He flattened the wrinkles that had been left on his shirt. “She’s a bitch. I’ll give you that, but that ‘fuck you’ was out of line.” Jason looked at the other guy who had been a silent partner in his friend’s drama. “You want to say something to the lady?”