My guest today is Christle Gray.  She and I had our first books published at nearly the same time.  When you achieve something so momentous in your life with another person, they become a part of something very special for you.  Christle is one of those very special people to me.

First of all, I want to thank Lisa for giving me this opportunity to join in on her Blog Party!  So many great people have been blogging, it’s an honor to be counted among them.

One of my favorite areas to explore in my writing is the idea of fresh starts and second chances.  Life has a way of sending a few curve balls our way, so it’s no surprise that once in awhile – we need a re-set, a way to get everything in order to make a brand new start.  Sometimes we’re ready, sometimes we’re not.  It can be difficult and scary to start over, but it can also be freeing and exhilarating!

Just look at Sarah Stevens in Lisa’s book The Path To Freedom.  Sarah pretty much hit rock bottom, but got the chance to turn her life around.  Sarah could have whined and felt sorry for herself, but she decided to take her second chance and run with it!  (You want to know how awesome that turned out, you’ll just have to read the book!)

In my own writing, I find that my heroes and heroines are at that same turning point in their own lives.  Should they take that chance, risking it all on something that could change their lives forever?

My own life has also had its share of second chances.  My writing got put on a back burner for many years.  I knew a part of myself was missing, but life just got in the way of my creativity.  And then in 2007, my muse woke up and demanded attention.  I tried to ignore her like I had been doing, but she decided to resort to tactics like keeping me awake at night.

And so, I took a deep breath and put pen to paper once more.  It was weird, and scary, but then it all came back to me and I remembered how much I loved the written word.  And then an idea hit me full force.

I should try and get published.

After many conversations with my inner voice that sometimes ended up involving screaming and shouting, I took the plunge.  Sapphire Blue Publishing saw my potential, and worked with me on my first novel, aptly titled Second Chances, which they released in 2008.

It was scary as hell, and I re-thought my decision a thousand times, but stuck with it in the end.  I’m a better writer, I’ve met some fabulous people, and have learned so much about the business of writing.

In the end, my second chance worked out just fine.

What about you?

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