Kendra has done the cover art for both of my books which, even if they were not mine I would love the covers.  She’s an amazing talent.  She has also done all of the design and logo work for Sapphire Blue Publishing. I make it no secret that I consider myself very lucky to have been picked up as an author by Sapphire Blue Publishing.  Not only have they helped me to take my writing to new levels but they have drawn me into the orbit of some very talented people.  Kendra is one of those people.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with her – DO!


I’ve made videos for authors for several years now. Videos can be truly effective marketing tools. However, there is no way to translate views to sales, but it is one more way to catch the readers eye.
If you have one you should make sure it’s on your website, MySpace, and/or Facebook. I’d make sure that it was on the book page that features your blurb and excerpt. Make sure that you upload the video to more than one “video site”. I upload to five sites.

Most of the review sites will feature your video. Look at the cost before jumping right in. If they are linked to YouTube, check out the video to see how many times it has been played from there site.

Keep in mind when creating your own videos:
NO Copyrighted Music. Do a Google search for Royalty Free music. There are several sites out there where you can purchase music. There are also free ones.

A taste of Liberty by Lisa PietschNO Copyrighted pictures. Your heroine may look like Angelina Jolie but you cannot use her image. You have to use royalty free pictures or have SIGNED permission to use the picture. For example, one author wanted to use a picture of her granddaughter in the video. I had the granddaughter sign a release just to cover myself.

Keep the video from 1 minute to 1:30. Most folks hate sitting through commercials and those are only 30 seconds.

Avoid long sections of text. Short and simple. Let your images do the talking…

There are several companies out there who create videos. Do your research! All of them should have a YouTube channel. Ask for their link, look at the hits the videos are getting. Ask them about distribution of the video when it is complete.

Get firm information on when the video will be complete.

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