Some of you who have read my first novel already know about Task Force 125.  It is a fictional part of the CIA’s Special Activities Division (SAD).  Members of the SAD may or may not do the things that my characters do.  I couldn’t tell you if I knew.  I first came up with the idea when I read an obscure mention about Task Force 121 in a news article.  The idea of a small force constructed of special forces operators and CIA agents made my imagination go wild.

What if we had secret teams that used the terrorists’ tactics and money against them?

That was the day Vince Hennessee was born.  Shortly after that, Brian, Jason, Chris, Will and Sarah came to be.

Following is an excerpt from The Path to Freedom as Task Force 125 is explained to Sarah and her team:

A man at the far end of the room stood. “Okay, let’s get started.”

She found the nearest empty chair and sat.

“Welcome to Task Force 125. Take a look around the room. These people are going to be your family until you either die or retire.”

Family, huh? Holy moly! I’ve got one seriously buff family! Look at these guys…you’d think I’d died and gone to heaven! Pecs and biceps and delts, oh my!

“I’m Colonel Young. I’m the handler for Task Force 125, which is the special unit you now belong to. This task force is a special counter-terrorism unit. We receive information from the U.S. intelligence community and act upon that information. Generally we add to that information and share our findings with them. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

“Yeah, sometimes we have to give them the information,” someone mumbled.

Young continued, ignoring the side comment. “You’re in ‘Black World’ now. You’re spooks and you don’t exist. You are part of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Staff. The Special Activities Division is divided into Air, Maritime and Ground branches, but you folks are going to have to be a little more versatile. We need a team in the Mediterranean AOR that can work both land and sea. You may also need to work with operators from coalition nations. Between the six of you, we believe you’ve got the skills necessary to do all of that.”

Look for A Taste of Liberty, the second story in the Task Force 125 series, coming March 14th from Sapphire Blue Publishing.