(September 10, 2010)

I joked with a friend of mine this morning that he might be my next Hot Guys with Guns feature.  It is safe to say that thanks to fiber optic technology I delivered a panic attack in the UK at close to the speed of light.  After calming a grown man who survived combat zones and faces real life boogeymen on a regular basis, I kindly informed him that James Bond he wasn’t.

Yes, I am a cruel bitch.  I’m OK with it though.  After all, I have a reputation to keep.

I don’t know about you but I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Sir Sean.  I’m a die hard Ian Fleming fan and I believe Craig has done a fantastic job of portraying James Bond as written by Fleming.  The written James Bond was a chauvenist, hard drinking, hard living, gambling, politically incorrect war machine.  Somehow, Fleming molded those traits into a dead sexy combination that you can’t help but forgive for being such a pig.

Some men can pull of the rogue and still pull the birds.

Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are ideally suited for such a role.  Roger Moore did nicely but when a man doesn’t feel comfortable with a gun in his hand, is it really a good idea to have him play James Bond?  (Don’t get me started on the sissified Dalton/Brosnan years or the foppish George Lazenby!  What was Albert Broccoli thinking when he cast an Australian to play Bond?)

I could discuss Bonds both literary and cinematic for days over vodka martinis, margaritas or whatever you’ve got on tap, but for now we’ll just look at the pretty pictures.

Shall we?

Easier. Yes…Considerably.”

craig, daniel craig, james bond

Daniel craig, james bond, defiance
In Defiance
A suit AND an automatic weapon. Nice.
craig 1, daniel craig, james bond
This was a spectacular scene!
craig 2, daniel craig, james bond
It’s not the size of the gun. It’s the man behind it.

craig workout
Ever wonder what he had to do to beef up from the scrawny, pasty fellow he used to be? Click on the image for the article.