Gabrielle anwar, burn notice
I know the title of the blog and Friday’s topic is ALWAYS Hot Guys with Guns but I couldn’t do Jeffrey Donovan (Yeah, I said “do” Jeffrey Donovan) without doing Gabrielle Anwar too (I’ll try anything once).  OK, enough of the juvenile joking, if you’ve seen Burn Notice, you know that these two are hot, Hot, HOT!

Gabrielle anwar, jeffrey donovan, burn notice

I mean – LOOK at them!

Let’s start with Gabrielle Anwar.  Yes, she’s beautiful and she has a fantastic wardrobe (oh, the shoes!) but what I love is what happens when the guns come out.  The character of Fiona could very well be me – but for all the IRA baggage.  When I was carrying guns on a daily basis, my first question was always “Shall we shoot them?” too.  These are the many reasons I love Gabrielle Anwar in Burn Notice.

Gabrielle anwar, burn notice

You’ve got to respect a woman who can handle a sidearm like that.

gabrielle anwar, burn notice

Boys, you can’t honestly tell me this doesn’t boost your blood pressure just a little.

And now for Jeffrey Donovan!  (Yummy!)  Clean-shaven is good but there’s something very appealing about a man who has just enough beard to say “Yes, I’ve been doing naughty things for the past couple days and couldn’t be bothered to shave.”

jeffrey donovan, burn notice

I had to include this picture.  There’s something very sexy about knowing a man has a little fight in him (sweat and biceps don’t hurt either).  No shame in being knocked out by that!

Jeffrey donovan, burn notice

Cool confidence with one finger tickling the trigger.

jeffrey donovan, burn notice

And I saved the best for last.  I know, I know.  He isn’t naked.  You can’t even see the amazing body he’s built from martial arts, chicken breasts, steamed rice and yogurt.  I’ll tell you what I see…

A man completely focused on the task at hand.

A man who pays attention to detail (special forces watch).

A man who is ready for any eventuality (a high powered sniper rifle with extra ammunition).

A man who communicates (bluetooth).

And THAT is HOT!