goldfish crackers
Not a healthy meal replacement

Yesterday was quite a day!  It started alright and then went sideways when we had an appendicitis scare (no worries, everybody is fine).

What I ate:

Breakfast: Pumpkin smoothie

Lunch: sausage, egg and cheese wrap (after biking 10 minutes because my trainer said no more tortillas of any kind unless it’s right after I exercise.  If he has time to read this today I’ll likely catch some hell at boot camp tonight.

I didn’t eat again until 8pm when I had a handful of goldfish crackers on the way home from the hospital. 

Dinner: sausage/egg/cheese with no tortilla.

What I learned:

ALWAYS keep trainer approved protein snacks in my purse.


lisa pietsch, jeep, wrangler unlimitedI’ve also realized I’m recovering faster from my boot camp workouts.  I need to push myself a little harder while I’m working out.

I’ve had my mountain bike in the back of my Jeep for days now.  The weather is perfect for a long ride but life just seems to keep happening.  I have articles to write for SAXtreme magazine tomorrow and Friday but my weekend is wide open so I see some bike rides in my near future.  I can’t wait!