What I ate yesterday:

Protein shot (26g protein)

Zone Perfect Bar (15g protein/15 carb)

EAS Advantedge (Café Caramel) (17g protein)

Zone Perfect Bar (15g protein/15 carb)

Spicy Hummus, 10 Wheat Thins, Margarita

Probably not enough food.  definitely not enough protein but my 3-year-old was home sick and I really wasn’t thinking about food.  I weighed in at 174 today (remember that 2lbs I gained overnight?)

I don’t have margaritas every day.  In fact, I never drink them alone or at home.  I rarely get out with friends (spelled w-o-r-k-a-h-o-l-i-c) but when I do, a drink can be nice.

sweat, boot camp, exercise

I attended the 6:30pm boot camp last night.  I love that 10 minutes into the workout I can look around the room and see that everybody else is breathing just as heavily and dripping with sweat like I am.  Yeah, it isn’t sexy when you’re getting sexy but it’s worth all that sweat on the mat.

Jon nailed me on my low-carb tortillas.  No mas tortillas.

I was disappointed, but he threw me a bone by letting me have pumpkin.  I picked up some organic pumpkin puree and some spinach at the store last night.  Today I’ll try a chocolate/spinach shake.  I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.