measuring tape, measurementsI haven’t blogged in a while so let’s get right to it.

What I ate Thursday:

2 scoops of fruit punch protein (tastes awful)

1 Zone Perfect Bar

Chicken, broccoli

1 Zone Perfect Bar, celery

Protein Shot

2 Eggs and mixed peppers

A grand total of 141 grams of protein.  I’m getting better at hitting my protein target of 130g.  Now I just need to tune in my veggies.  (The Zone Perfect bars won’t be happening any more.  I find them to be much too sweet and even the small amount of carbs in them gives me an insulin reaction.  I practically passed out after a milk chocolate one this afternoon.  The dark chocolate ones work well after workouts but are still pretty sweet.  My son loves all of them and thinks they’re candy bars so I’ll let him have them.)

The good news: I’ve gone down from a size 14 to a size 8/10 in three weeks.

What I ate Friday:

Breakfast: Pumpkin protein shake

Lunch: 2 eggs, 1 sausage patty and mixed peppers & onions

Snack (1 hour before boot camp): Flat Out light flatbread with peanut butter (I was tired of always pooping out during boit camp workouts and thought tweaking my carb intake prior to working out might help – it did.)

Dinner: Fajita beef & fresh steamed mushrooms

My clothes fit great and my muscle tone is beginning to show nicely


The numbers on my scale have not been changing and my measurements have not shown any significant change.

This is the point where I would normally begin to get discouraged but I’m holding on.

bagels, starch, carbohydrateYesterday morning I was horribly nauseous.  There’s no chance of morning sickness so I assumed it was something to do with my diet.  I’m hypoglycemic so it was pretty much a no-brainer.  It was Saturday and my usual cheat day so I carb loaded.  I ate burgers and bagels to my heart’s content.  I felt better almost instantly.

This morning…

The scale still hasn’t changed.  I didn’t gain an ounce.

So I started the day with a grapefruit, carb blocker (blocking 38 grams) a bagel (50grams carbs) and some Neufchatel cheese and coffee.  I’ll catch hell from Jon on Monday but its worth it to not feel queasy all day.

Tomorrow I’ll take all of my measurements and break down the bodyfat analysis to see what’s really going on.