I weighed in at 171 today.  That’s 9 pounds down in three days.

Only one pound away from a major milestone.

I still didn’t succeed in actually fasting yesterday.  It was very much an Atkins Induction sort of day.  I attended my son’s Christmas party at school.  Peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, chips and cupcakes begged to be eaten but I was good and drank a cup of water.  I ate peanuts, a hamburger patty and shrimp during the course of the day and still lost weight and had energy so I consider it a win. 

Today, we’re celebrating my son’s 4th birthday today (he was born on Christmas Day) so there will be cupcakes to tempt me.  I have a few shrimp left over from yesterday so I should be able to survive it.

The ex has returned from his trip and I’ll be moving back to my apartment now so I suspect tomorrow will be a perfect day to really kick in the Master Cleanse approach.  I expect to arrive at Boot Camp Monday morning ten pounds lighter and overflowing with energy for burpees and jump squats.  I’ve really missed it.

In the meantime, I have work to do.

Anybody out there want to give the Master Cleanse a try with me?