I’ve been up front about everything else here so if the discussion of “Ladies’ Days” bothers you, please stop reading now.

I weighed in at 165 last Friday and was pretty psyched about it.  Then I did that Saturday refeed and carbed up.  On Monday I was up to 170, Tuesday dropped to 168 and Wednesday morning it dropped again but then…


There was no cheating.  In fact, I ate very little.  It was hormonal.

I know there are women out there reading this that get it.  You work hard all month long and finally start to hit your stride.  Just when you start to feel good about what’s going on, the scale shoots up like a rocket, there isn’t enough chocolate flavored whey in the world to satisfy, and then that hag, Mother Nature, shows up.

(Insert Jack Nicholson voice here “She’s baaa-ACK!”)

margaritaSo I have a hormonally imposed moratorium on weight loss this week.  I’m not cheating (except for that medicinal margarita I had for dessert last night).  I did miss my workout on Wednesday due to family obligations and I’ll miss tonight’s as well, but life happens and we just need to press on.  I’ll do some biking this weekend to make up for the missed workouts and eventually this hormonal wave will head back out to sea and I’ll be able to get back to the business of fat loss.

The moral of the story here is that women need to not be so hard on themselves when hormones make the scale jump.  It is completely out of our hands so trying to control it is futile.  Understand it, accept it and just hang in there.

And have a margarita (skip the salt).  It helps.