I wasn’t even interested in food on Sunday after that reefed day on Saturday!

I had a pumpkin/protein shake and a bowl from Chipotle (consisting of seasoned mixed peppers, pico de gallo, guacamole, grilled chicken breast and lots of lettuce).  I drank several cups of green tea and as much water as I could stand.  It was a clean, starch-free day and I was grateful!chipotle

I spent the evening preparing meals for the week.  I have a couple sets of plastic divided dishes (like Gladware) with covers that will make it easy to take meals with me on the fly.  I’ve also been saving my covered salad bowls from McDonald’s (the Bacon Ranch salad with grilled chicken is great if you forgot to pack a lunch) because I hate throwing out plastics and I’m cheap like that.

Here’s what I put together on Sunday:

  • Meatballs (after I cooked the grease out – literally squeezed it out with paper towels) and peppers in organic marinara (no sugar added and NOT easy to find)
  • Broccoli & ham in a light cheese sauce (mixed julienned ham in with frozen broccoli with cheese)
  • Scrambled eggs with ham & mixed peppers (threw it all on my Foreman 360 pan and scrambled)
  • Spinach omelets (eggs and frozen spinach in a blender and microwave in a microwave omelet pan)

I also grilled a three-pound bag of frozen chicken breast tenders which, when cooked, melted down to 21 ounces of meat.  I bagged it in freezer bags and froze two bags.  To the third I added Louisiana Hot Sauce for some buffalo wing zing.  Once I pick up some fresh salad greens today, I’ll make a variety of green salads topped with ham, eggs, buffalo chicken and plain grilled chicken so I’m not eating the same salad every day.

Someday when I have a significant other, it will be nice to prepare and enjoy healthy meals together at the end of the day.  But for now, food is just fuel and I have a lot of things to do to get my life together so taking one afternoon to get my cooking done for the week just seems like the efficient thing to do.

Today, I weighed in at 170.  Probably more water retention from all that pico de gallo last night.  Once I get back into my routine it’ll all level out again.

Tonight, it’s back to boot camp for me!