The other day, some friends and I were discussing group exercise classes and some of the signs that they just weren’t motivational.  Two things stood out: the fitness level of the instructor and the music played during workouts.

One of my friends summed it up well when she said “When I walk into a class and see an instructor that’s out of shape, I have to ask: Is this exercise thing really working?”

One thing is for sure, my trainer, Jonathan Acosta, is no slouch.  I mean no disrespect here when I say that whatever he is doing is working!  He demonstrates every exercise perfectly and with ease and, no matter how many sweaters he wears, there’s no hiding his muscle structure.

The next thing that my friends and I all agreed was important was the music played during the class.  Justin Bieber, elevator music, canned pop…we all agreed were not motivational and made use want to spend as little time as possible in classes like that.  Once again, I could say my trainer had it right.

The classes at get Sexy San Antonio Boot Camps are only 30 minutes but every one of those minutes is positive.  Every song in Jon’s mixes sends a positive message and makes you want to move.  Whether you’re making your own mp3 mixes or looking for a good class, make sure the music is sending you the right message.  It makes a huge difference.

On that note, here are some of the songs I hear often in Jon’s mixes:

Guard what you listen to.  If you hear it enough, you’ll begin to believe it.