legolas, helms deep, elvesAs our Cassandra’s Dilemma blog tour winds to a close, I wanted to say a big thank you to Lisa Pietsch for hosting our final stop.  Since we are at Lisa’s and she also authors one of my favorite blog features (“Hot Guys with Guns”) I wanted to do something similar, only with Fae or in this case Elves.  Of course, this led to a near hour-long internal debate of what to call it.

Finally, I just said to hell with it and you get Fine Fae Fellows.   And in Cassandra’s Dilemma, I introduce you to a fine Fae fellow of my own, named Helcyon.  Helcyon is gorgeous to look at, kind, mysterious, deadly with a sword, and possesses a wicked sense of humor.

Helcyon’s Heritage

A lot of people have asked me where did the idea for the book come from and a few have asked where it is going.  The book does feature a trio and I’ve talked about Jacob’s pushiness and the fact that the character moved into the story and stayed. I’ve talked about Cassandra being the voice of the story, the prophet who isn’t necessarily believed but who is in a position to sway a lot of minds, but Helcyon remains a bit of a mystery.

Why you ask?

Well, part of the reason I wanted to write this book was to explore a world where Elves, Goblins, Brownies and others of the Fae courts joined with our world. Where they lived parallel to us, but wanted to cross that invisible barrier back to our side.  So why?

Maybe it dates back to Spock, but I’ve always had a thing for a guy with pointed ears. First it was Leonard Nimoy’s Spock on the original Trek and in the later films, who didn’t want to melt that frosty exterior and see just how hot Pon Farr could get?
Later it was the tragically torn between his heritage Tanis Half-Elven, the child of mixed races who found welcome among very few.  When I read his saga written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman as a part of the Dragonlance Cycle, I was deeply invested in his character.  Could he make a place for himself amongst the high elves that looked down on him or would he forever walk that lonely road between human and elf…pretty powerful stuff when you’re a kid.

And then there’s Legolas.  He’s interesting, entertaining, and loyal and funny in the J.R.R. Tolkien series but to see him in the skilled hands of Orlando Bloom definitely gave my heart a good squeeze.  Whether he was charging up a war elephant, firing his arrows or sliding down its trunk as the beast collapsed in defeat and later still as he caught a horse’s reins and flipped himself onto its back as it galloped or kept score with Gimli during the Battle of Helms Deep, I was completely enamored of this seemingly delicate man’s insurmountable strength, fierce will, and cunning skill.

Are you seeing a trend here?

I hope so, because every single one of these Fae contributed to the formation of Helcyon in my mind.  Attributes lovingly honored for this fictional ancestry.  I added the ingredients together like, he was big and broad like Tanis, but cunning and reasonable like Spock, with just the right dash of mischief like Legolas and somewhere in the mix he became his own elf.




So please allow me to tip my hat to Gene Roddenberry, Leonard Nimoy, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, J.R.R. Tolkien and Orlando Bloom for inspiring me and express my fervent hope that my fine Fae fellow Helcyon, inspires you.

Cassandra’s Dilemma is available now from Siren Bookstrand.   Heather is offering an e-copy of the novel to one lucky commentator.

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cassandra's dilemma, heather longCassandra’s Dilemma

A woman on the edge.

Cassandra Belle is about to break the story of the century. But one well-placed bomb devastates her plans and leaves her on the run and in a fight for her life and her heart. Caught between wild allure and primal need, Cassie is torn by the desire to submit to both of them.

Two enemies on a mission.

The sexy Fae lord Helcyon wants to protect her, but his pleasure leaves her quaking at the loss of control. The dangerous Wizard Jacob wants to save her, but his war with the Fae frightens her even as he captivates her with passion.

With her enemies closing in, Jacob and Helcyon must challenge everything they’ve ever known to work together or risk losing her.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Excerpts available on both Siren Publishing and Heather’s websites.

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