My ex husband is going TDY (that’s Air Force speak for a “business trip”).  He’ll be gone until April 15th which means I’ll be moving in with the kids and Della the three-legged dog until then.  It also means that since we have no family or close friends here, I have no backup when it comes to child care.  (Not complaining.)  It just is what it is.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only person who has to deal with this sort of issue and wonder how they’ll get their workouts in to stay healthy.  There are thousands of military spouses and ex-spouses all over the world who have to work their lives around the life of the military member and often come up short when it comes to time to take care of themselves.  I did it for years as a military wife.  Now, as an ex with very young children, I still have to do it.

february, female, fitnessDuring this time, I will not be able to attend boot camps.  I just know my sons would lose their everloving minds in boot camp and be awake all night yammering about how they want to be just like Jonathan.  (Dude, he’s that cool.)  So I have to work out an alternate plan, Plan B.


Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Recumbent bike (my bike desk)
  2. 20lb Kettlebell
  3. DVDs (Made by a certain company that WordPress flags and shuts bloggers down for mentioning)
  4. Gold’s Gym Membership (they provide child care in a separate room)

One way or another, I’m going to get my workouts.

The bike is easy and mindless.  I can do it the entire time I’m working.  The other night I was working and noticed my butt hurt.  No wonder!  I’d been biking for 80 minutes.  Your butt would hurt too!

The kettlebell is a cool way to mix things up.  Speaking of my butt – it needs a lot more squats.  I think Mr Kettlebell is going to help me with those.

My kids love Tony H. (the DVD trainer) and doing the DVD workouts.  The only problem with that is they have no clue about living room gym etiquette and they do their pushups wherever they like, even if it means on my back.  It makes for awkward exercising.

Gold’s is most likely my best bet.  They can keep the curtain climbers busy in a playroom while I’m getting my sweat on.  At $1 per day, it’s worth it!

So when your workout plans don’t work out, how do you handle Plan B?  Do you have a Plan B?