I weighed in at 162 today.  For the first time ever, I tried flexing my abs in the mirror.  I thought I was just being silly, so imagine my surprise when I saw something abdominal happen!  That was a first so I had to go back and try again, in case it was just a fluke.  Yup – abdominals!

The bulk of my remaining bodyfat seems to be holding on in my butt and thighs.  I blame my children for that but, in their defense, they were worth it.  It isn’t anything a little more dieting and exercise won’t fix.

Speaking of dieting and exercise…

assembly line salad chicken saladHere’s a picture of my assembly line last night:

I lined up my Ziploc containers, cut a head of lettuce into 6 equal parts, and then filled each dish.  Then I added ½ stalk celery, 5 olives and one mesquite grilled chicken breast to each salad.  I also added some extra cuts of celery in a separate compartment for dessert (with peanut butter or herbed cheese).  I’ll mix these salads up a bit with shredded cheese, bits of bacon, slices of ham and different salad dressings but with, 6 healthy base salads in the refrigerator this week, I’ll have no excuse to not eat right.

Another great make-ahead meal I made last week was spinach quiche.

I linked a baking pan with 12 fully-cooked sausage patties and then mixed up a package of frozen spinach, a dozen eggs and some Mrs Dash.  I poured the filling in over the sausage patties and then topped the whole thing with shredded cheddar cheese and baked it for an hour.  It made 12 servings at 17g protein and 2g carbs each.  (I usually eat 2 pieces as a meal for 34g protein and 4g carbs.)  I’m pretty sure the quiche is responsible for me blasting through my comfort zone of 164-166 and getting me to 162 today.  Next stop: the 150s!

I haven’t been boot camping but I have been very active lately.  I’ve also added the Tabata Protocol to my home workouts.  (Read Jonathan’s blog on Tabatas.)  I downloaded an app for my phone that is the exact timer I need to do tabatas properly.  I know it is only 4 minutes but those are not like any other four minutes of your life.  I’m no crybaby, but there was some whimpering and I did fall down once or twice (maybe more).  There was much burning!

But the important part is I’m sticking with them.  They work and this is work I need to do.  Work I’m very excited to do!