assembly line diet
Teriaki Chicken, Thai Chicken, Chicken Fajitas...

This weekend, in the spirit of dialing in my diet, I did my assembly line cooking.  It was really satisfying to know I had some insurance so I wouldn’t go nuts on my nutrition program.  With the foot injury, last week’s surgery and the chaos of moving, I find myself back up to 170.  For those who may be tempted to give me diet or exercise advice with little to no information, I know why that is and have every intention of dealing with it appropriately.

Don’t you just love those people who can look at you once, never discuss your diet, exercise, health history, or metabolism and are happy to tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong?  If you ask me, we’d all be better off if those people just got off their high horses.

I’m back to taking my supplements on schedule, eating on schedule and knocking down the starchy carb intake.  I still have at least another week to recover from surgery before I can do any real exercise and my foot needs a follow-up because something is definitely not right about its healing.

This morning, knowing I’d be away at work all day, I packed 3 balanced meals in my cooler bag along with green tea and a chilled bottle of water mixed with One-a-Day Energy Advantage (powdered vitamin supplement with extra B vitamins).  I suspect tomorrow will find me a pound or two lower on the scale.

I’ll keep you posted!

Anybody seen any progress from John lately?