I made a decision some time ago to not sell myself short ever again.  duchess, sidearms, thigh holster, lisa pietsch

I’ve spent years working as a freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant.  When I do social media work for someone, I pride myself on doing a great job and delivering more value than the client expects.  That doesn’t mean I’ll whore myself out to someone to do their social media as well as a million other jobs that were not agreed upon in the price during the initial negotiation.  My time is valuable and my purpose in this life is not to propel everyone into the limelight while I wring my hands and wonder how I’m going to pay my rent.  It isn’t an easy world out there for freelancers.  There are people expecting to be able to take advantage of you at every turn – and they’ll do it if you aren’t vigilant.

So, to all you freelancers out there, remember this:

Stick to your guns.  Life pays you what you ask for and not a penny more.

If it doesn’t pay your rate, WALK…with your head held high.