Trying to achieve your goals on your own isn’t easy.  Having a trainer is great, but having friends who support your efforts and are going in the same direction themselves is even better.  Thousands of people try to lose weight every year but the obesity epidemic continues.  Why do you suppose that is?

Culture, perhaps?

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people.

If you want to be fat, surround yourself with overweight people.

If you want to be fit, surround yourself with people who are fit.

My friend Warren ( gave me a kick in the pants yesterday.  You see, Warren is a model, so being fit is his livelihood.  Warren’s current goal is an IFBB Pro Card.  Yeah, you could say he’s fit.  Warren was kind enough to point out the negativity in my post yesterday and that was just the kick in the rear that I needed to adjust my mindset and get my ass to the gym.  (Thanks, Warren!)

I got to the gym, had a great leg workout (they’re sore today) and felt much better.

When my son asked me why I went to the gym, I told him:

Exercising every day helps keep my bones and muscles strong and it helps me deal with stress so I won’t be grouchy all day.  (That last one is pretty important to me as I’ve had quite a few stressors in my life lately.  It’s also very important to my son.)

So why do you want to exercise and who do you know that can give you the kick in the pants that you need to stay with it?