angel, fallenI’m taking a little break from edits while my kids are doing their homework.  They’re particularly distracting little fellows so I thought now would be a good time to blog.  Especially since a blog is short and not as likely to turn into a train wreck of broken thoughts – but don’t count me out yet!  It could still happen.

I’ve taken a good deal of criticism (from certain tight-asses who shall remain nameless) for being as honest as I am about my life.  It seems some people like their illusions and prefer to believe that anyone who has a novel published is living the life of Riley (an easy and pleasant life), or at the very least, Joan Wilder (if you don’t get the Joan Wilder reference, get the hell out of here).

For those who do get the Joan Wilder reference, I’ll be honest.  I do live the life of Joan Wilder if by “the life of Joan Wilder” we mean I left a lousy marriage, moved into a craptastic apartment where my neighbor smoked pot on the stoop every morning, had an opportunity to move into a beautiful mansion with two housemates and took it, drama ensued, the landlord screwed us over and the Constable informed us the house had been foreclosed upon and we needed to pack our shit and now I’m looking for a fallback plan and oh, did I mention that city hall screwed up my divorce paperwork and two years later it still isn’t final?  Yeah, I’m Joan Wilder alright.  Hell yeah, I’m living the dream.

Here’s the funny part.  IT IS FUNNY!

Honestly, my life is one crazy adventure after another and I’m OK with it.  Seriously, I’m on reasonable terms with my ex and my kids are in a great school, healthy and happy; I currently have a roof over my head, and I’m writing again.  I was so obsessed with making money this year but where did it all get me?  I worked my ass off for most of this year but when it comes right down to it, I’m not much better off financially than when I started.

So, it’s time for a change of paradigm.

I’m writing.  I’m happy writing.

Damn, there’s a switch right there – I’M HAPPY!

So the way I see it, my job is to do something that makes me happy because that just might inspire someone else to be happy.  That’s my job.

If I do it and do it well, God/Goddess/The Gods/The Universe will do the rest.


I know somebody up there is laughing.  They’re slapping a knee and saying “BWAHAHAHA!  She finally got the joke!  After all these years, she finally got it!  Somebody get the woman a roof over her head.”

It’ll happen.  It’s all good.  This is how I roll.

Kick back and follow the adventure that is my life.

That is, if you can hang on the edge.