Have you ever wanted your own, 7 foot 3, amazingly loyal Wookie? Chewbacca is the ultimate in galactic sidekicks! Did you know he was inspired by George Lucas’s dog and Chewbacca’s name was derived from the Russian word for dog? Lucas’s dog also happened to be called Indiana and inspired another of Lucas’s heroes. Must have been a great dog.

galactic holiday

We’re going to introduce you to some of the sidekicks from A GALACTIC HOLIDAY…one even happens to be a little canine-like! All of them are tough and loyal.

Personal Data File


Name: Rex

Home world: Galileo

Occupation: Helps with station maintenance, but mostly station protection

Favorite color: Hasn’t really thought about it

Favorite food: Anything Marguerite makes – especially stew

Favorite drink: He had a taste of distilled moonshine, but prefers hot chocolate

Favorite activity: Shooting cryptids

Secret wish: Wants to get off Galileo and travel

Likes:  Cold, guns, women, and laughing

Dislikes: He’s pretty easy going.


Personal Data File


Name: Elin Soland

Home world: Perma

Occupation: Mining Engineer

Favorite color: Gold

Favorite food: Fish

Favorite drink: Vodka on the rocks

Favorite activity: Shooting (she’s a good shot with her rifle)

Secret wish: To travel off planet

Likes: Teasing her cousin Brinn (especially about a certain Rendarian)

Dislikes: Men too slow to keep up with her

Personal Data File


Name: Beowulf

Home world: Earth

Occupation: Ex-military, ex-lab rat.  Business owner, human-rights activist. Doomsday prepper

Favorite color: Grass green

Favorite food: Boeuf Bourguignon with a nice red to accompany it

Favorite drink: His own microbrew beer, shared with close friends

Favorite activity: digging in to make his innocent-looking pub an impenetrable, self-contained fortress, working out combat moves with Reina

Secret wish: To be either human or canine, not both

Likes:  The Dugout, fine food, taking care of others

Dislikes: Scientists, corruption in government/military/multinational corporations

Definitely tough and loyal…we hope you enjoy seeing these sidekicks in action.

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