The two things I hear most from small business owners and professionals about social media are:

  1. I don’t need a social media platform
  2. Social media takes up all my time and I have too much to do

Let’s discuss the first one: “I don’t need a social media platform.”

Not true!

If you have a small business or are trying to make the most of your career, the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is establish a solid social media platform.  As a small business owner, most of your business will come from referrals and the best referrals are always found on social media networks.  If people have to choose between a business with a social media platform and a solid following and a business with nothing about it online, they’ll pick the online option every time.  If you are a professional working for a company, the best thing you can do for your career is to be a positive representative of your company online.  If you are currently unemployed, the best way to get a new job is through social media.  Any prospective employer will Google you to see what sort of person you are and whether or not they want you representing their business.  For those without social media platforms, the setup can be time consuming and involve a steep learning curve.  If you can take advantage of someone else’s expertise in social media, you can avoid the hard knocks of a steep learning curve.  These are all reasons why you should get a jump on your social media now.

That leads us to the second complaint: “Social media takes up all my time and I have too much to do.”

Social media flows so well it can carry us away like a raging river.  Before you know it, you’ll have wasted those two hours you meant to spend taking an online class or with your family by just getting involved in a fun conversation online.  They don’t call it a conversation “stream” for nothing!

Social media need not take up all your time.  In fact, once you have your social media platform built, it should take you no more than thirty minutes per day to manage your social media and still have the opportunity to interact with friends and associates.

In my online class, I can help you master your social media in just one month and, if you’re willing to take advantage of my expertise, do the work and not try to reinvent the wheel, we can have you leave the class with a solid social media platform and knowing full well exactly how to manage and maintain your social media and promote yourself or your business like a pro.

What do you think?  Can you give it four weeks to mastery when others have been struggling with it for years?  Can you afford not to?