We last left our heroine renting 1/3 of a 4200′ sq home in the Texas Hill Country.  The landlord was a scam artist and rented the home knowing that it was already in foreclosure.  The bank assumed the property and the Constable, a kindly fellow, delivered the eviction papers.  There was a short-notice scramble and our heroine packed everything she could fit into a UHaul and trucked it to Southside San Antonio where she moved into a 500′ sq apartment.

Life has been good in my tiny apartment!  I love it!

There are no roommates, no police at the gate, no strange men walking around the house naked with their arms gnawed off because they hooked up with the hooker 3rd roommate… Just peace and quiet.  I’m first floor and poolside, so that means my apartment’s windows (I have two, woo-hoo!) look out over the pool and palm trees in the center area of the apartment complex.  It’s a good life.  No home maintenance, low rent I can afford, and my kids think my apartment is great (which makes for much more pleasant visits).

Avion Place Pool View, palm trees

The apartment complex has a lot of cats.  Some, I suspect, are feral and others are pets that people leave outdoors.  They are all unique and beautiful creatures in their own way.  My sons have been anxious for me to get a pet, but I’m just not ready to make that sort of commitment yet.  I may be doing a bit of traveling soon and it wouldn’t be fair to a pet to be left behind all the time.  So, I suggested my youngest, Markie, start leaving a little kibble out for the cats so they’d know we’re friendly here and maybe they’d get comfortable and let the boys play with them a little.

They got comfortable alright!

One evening when Markie hadn’t been by to leave kibble out, I was working at my desk and heard a “meow” at the door.  When I opened it, there was a cat looking at me as if to say “Where’s dinner?”

Me being the sucker that I am, said “Oh, hello!  Just a moment.”  I grabbed the $2 bag of kibble, scooped some out onto the walk and, with a nod, he began his dinner.

Yesterday was a lovely day once the wind died down in the afternoon so I opened my living room window and enjoyed the fresh air while I worked at my desk.  (My desk seats me with my back to the window.)  I put some chicken tostadas in the oven and worked while they baked.  After a short period of tappity-tap on my computer, I rolled my chair back to check on dinner and realized there were two cats IN my apartment!  One finished his recon and leapt to the windowsill for a quick goodbye before disappearing outside, but the other hung around.  She was a pretty little medium-haired beauty the color of desert sand with a faint tiger pattern only on her tail and forelegs.  Her eyes were a light, sky blue.  She stayed for a while, happy for a little scratch & pat.  When it was time for dinner, I asked her to leave and she kindly obliged.

Welcome to the Kitty-Cat Lounge at Avion Place.