twitter, authors, social media, engagement1. Ask for what you want.If you want a retweet (RT), ask for it.  Add “Plz RT” to the end of your tweet.  Use this judiciously though.  Not everything you say is worth repeating and friends get annoyed when it’s all about you all the time.

2. Hash tags increase exposure and response rate.

Twitter popularized hash tags and they remains an important part of the culture. The use of hash tags has been known to cause a 35% increase in response.  Just make sure your hashtags are appropriate, short, used judiciously (see above) and a term that somebody might use in a hashtag search.  #thingsithinkwhenimscratchingmybutt is NOT a smart use of hashtags.  #amwriting #romance #action #adventure #espionage are smart hashtags to use when appropriate.

3. Say it with pictures.

Images work well in Tweets in general, almost doubling Retweet rates, yet they are underused by most.

4. Increase Tweet frequency and monitor the results.

As Tweet Frequency increases, Response per Tweet decreases. However Response per Day continue to increase. 20 tweets a day with a good mix of direct responses, retweets and general tweets is good.

5. The ideal range for Tweets is 70-100 characters.

Shorter Tweets do not say anything of substance, unless coupled with an image, and longer Tweets do not allow room for response to be added when retweeting.  Leave room for the retweet!