Guest blogging generates traffic for you and the blog that hosts you, but how do you find hosts?  Marketing companies will happily arrange blog tours for you – at a price.  But how much money are your books really earning right now?

I started the Blog Exchange as a free answer to the blog tour problem for authors on a budget.
The Blog Exchange is a free, voluntary listing of writers who are willing to host blog tour stops on a one-for-one exchange.  Members who schedule blog tours or individual guest blogs are encouraged to post their guest blog appearances on the Blog Exchange Calendar so other members can stop by and support them with readership and engaging comments.  Members are also encouraged to share other members’ guest blogging links through social networks to help increase their readership.

When it comes to guest blogging and book marketing, everything you do comes back to you so do good things!

Click here to join the Blog Exchange and get your tour started now!

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