Twitter can be a confusing network to work.  You set up your account, follow lots of cool people, talk to a few of them, blast news about your latest release every day, and then wonder if Twitter is really doing anything for your book sales.  Chances are it isn’t – but we can fix that!

First, a few things about Twitter:

1. Only the people following you can receive your Tweets so Tweeting “Follow me on Twitter!” is a bit redundant.  (I actually had a client who used to tweet this several times a day.  It was no wonder she only had 5 followers.)

2. If you aren’t following the people following you then neither of you will ever engage the other.

3. Twitter is all about engagement (actually engaging others in conversations through public replies or retweeting) so if you aren’t engaging others, you’re wasting your time.  (I hate wasting time!)

4. A bad Twitter Followers to Following ratio (Example: you follow 300 people and only 5 are following you) will make you look bad to potential followers and count against you when it comes to search engine rankings (yes, everything counts toward those).

This is where Tweepi comes in.  Tweepi ( has two paid packages but, if you scroll down that page, you’ll see a little section on the FREE option.  Take that!  Here’s why Tweepi should be in your social media toolbox:

  • Don’t follow the people who don’t follow you back unless they’re superstars in the industry.  Porn queens, Russian brides and multi-level marketers will follow you in hopes that you’ll reciprocate and then unfollow you as soon as you follow them.  These are people who do nothing for your network.  DUMP THEM!  Tweepi’s “Flush” function let’s you do just that.  It tells you who isn’t following you and let’s you flush them in batches of 20.  WHOOSH!
  • If people follow you, but you don’t follow them back, you’ll never be able to engage them.  Tweepi’s “Reciprocate” function allows you to follow anyone you may have missed (like your readers!)  Hello, friend!
  • Tweepi also creates convenience in allowing you to follow the followers of specific Twitter users (like your publisher or a bestseller in the genre you write in – targeting their audience can grow yours!)  My readers enjoy Suzanne Brockmann so maybe I should see if her readers like me?
  • Is there a major player who always seems to have the hottest news first?  Tweepi will help you to follow the people they follow.  Being in the know about industry trends can certainly help your career!
  • Have you seen Writer’s Digest’s Twitter lists?  ( Literary magazines, publishers and agents you should be watching are all on these lists.  Tweepi helps you to follow them quickly and easily with the “Follow List” function.

Of course, you can do all these things from Twitter by clicking on each person you follow to see if they’re following you, or clicking on each of your followers to see if you’re following them, but you’re a writer because you want to WRITE, not fart around on Twitter all day, right?

So stop farting around!

Here’s how I use Tweepi:
I set about 15 minutes aside, one day a week (usually Monday) and I go through each Tweepi function, processing 100-200 Twitter users each.  The reason I only do this once a week is because sometimes it takes people a week to update their Twitter accounts and follow me back.  If I don’t give them a reasonable amount of time to do that then I’ll be unfollowing most of them the very next day when I Flush again.  Save yourself the energy and just do it weekly.

Here’s how my Twitter maintenance time started out:

  1. I Flush 200 non-followers
  2. I Reciprocate with 200 followers
  3. I Follow 100 followers of an influencer in my industry or 100 people that influencer follows

(Now that I’ve used Tweepi a few times, I’ve cleaned up my lists so I spend even less time Flushing & Reciprocating so I can spend more time growing my following.)

That’s it.  Twitter maintenance time over.  I can spend the rest of my Twitter time actually engaging my network.  I highly recommend this approach if you’re hoping to avoid the time suck of Twitter maintenance.

*Note on Social Media Maintenance*

I don’t believe authors should spend more than 30 minutes a day on social media.  I’ve set up a system that sets aside one day per week for each network’s maintenance.  More on that in my next marketing minute blog!

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