facebook, author, writer, program updates, scheduleWith all the activity and engagement many of us have on our Facebook Profiles, sometimes we forget to post anything on our Facebook Author (Fan) Pages.  You may or may not have noticed the little clock icon that is now in the bottom left corner of your Fan Page status update box.  This is a fairly recent change Facebook has made.  You can now schedule your status updates for Fan Pages for any time and date in the future!  And yes, that means you can spend an hour or so, once a week, scheduling those updates and then FUGGETABOUTIT!  This is a great time saver for you that keeps your audience engaged and entertained if you use it properly.

Remember to schedule your posts for the time of day that the most people will see them.  (You can easily go through your past posts to see which ones received the most views and start with the time of day you posted them.)  To schedule your posts, simply add your post/status update in the text area and then click on the little clock icon below.  It will ask you first for the year, then month, then date and time to post.  Then click on the blue “Schedule” button and the post will be put in the posting queue to post automatically.  It’s as easy as that!

This is just one more way of automating where you can so that you have more time to engage your readers with authentic conversation and, more importantly, time to write!