The biggest hurdle for almost every author I talk to about social media is the idea of being social without being spammy.  I’m not a fan of spam and I’m not afraid to call it when I see it.

Case in point, the jerk who emailed me three times telling me that my webmaster (who happens to be me) was an idiot because he didn’t buy,,, etc.

This was clearly spam.  My response to him was much more pc, but the thoughts going through my head included:

Don’t call me an idiot.

I’m not some sucker off the street, I own the .com and that’s all I need.

You will never sell your domain registration services with an approach like that.

Despite my PC response, he still told me to “Fuck off”.

Gee, that’s my line…

My point is that nobody likes a spammer.

So how do authors, who are generally, as a breed, introverts, get social on social media without being spammy?

I’ll tell you 5 easy ways:

1. Place social sharing buttons on all your website pages and blog posts.

social sharing
2. Encourage readers to check out your Facebook page (like it and opt in to receive notifications) for contests, promotions, new releases and other information.

lisa pietsch
3. Leave no engagement behind.  Whenever someone mentions you on Twitter or Facebook, respond to that mention as sincerely as possible, even if it is just a “Thanks for sharing!”.

virginia nelson

4. Run special promotions (like book giveaways) for your social communities (example: Every new Facebook Page “Like” receives a free copy of one of your books or a short story.)

heather long, virginia nelson, watkins pond, some like it royal

5. Embed widgets on your site that show your most recent activity on your social profiles.

lisa pietsch, twitter

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