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I have a 6-week class beginning Feb 3 through  This class will take writers (fiction, non-fiction, novels, freelance or bloggers) from 0-90mph in 6 weeks.  A Social Business 101 for writers.

What Does It Include?

We’ll start from the very beginning with how to build a user-friendly website, which social networks you’ll need for your target audience, how to sign up with social networks (building your brand throughout), how to build your networks quickly and authentically, how to automate and leave more time for your writing and authentic communication with your networks, how to plan and write for blog tours, arranging and preparing for radio tours, and setting up your own marketing plan and strategy.

This class is all four of my classes rolled into one, very intensive, step-by-step, I’ll-hold-your-hand, Social Business 101.

Click here to register for the class now.

The breakdown:

  • To have me hold your hand and walk you through this process would cost $25 per hour.  For 60 hours (if you’re a quick study), that’s $1500.
  • To have me set up just your website and networks for you, the cost is usually $200-$500.
  • At only $90, this class is a bargain


  • You’ll have the knowledge you need to do all these things on your own and never have to hire a webmaster or social media consultant
  • You’ll receive the 2014 issue of the Social Media Superstar Handbook for Writers
  • You’ll receive free follow-ups with me (one-on-one) for a full year 

Click here to register for the class now.

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