Changes in Facebook Shouldn’t Stress You Out – Here’s How to Adjust Your Strategy

facepalm, facebookFacebook Fan Pages are faceplanting and causing facepalms left and right these days. There was an announcement recently that only 2-3% of fans would receive notifications from Fan Pages they’d “Liked”. Engagement numbers are dropping through the floor and too many Facebook Fan Page owners think more of the same, or more of what Facebook suggests, will fix it. Fan Page owners are scrambling for how they can continue to get high numbers on engagement and get their Fan Page posts to show up on fans’ profiles. Following are two of the top choices for Fan Page owners:

1. Some panic and succumb to buying fake followers to puff up their numbers.

Well, that’s just going to get your message out to fake followers anywhere. Is it worth the money? Nope.

2. Others are buying Facebook ads.

woman-throwing-money-away, facebookCongratulations! That’s just what Facebook wants you to do. It makes the stockholders happy but doesn’t do a heck of a lot for you as only 2-3% of the people who respond to your ad will ever see a post. This isn’t cost effective either.

Considering the fact that Facebook is doing away with business pages, it makes sense to believe they’ll be doing away with Fan Pages eventually too.

Sound bleak?

Don’t sweat it. I’ve got the perfect prescription for you.

Here it is:


That’s it. Forget about using Facebook as your primary marketing outlet n social media. Facebook is yesterday. Sure, there are still plenty of people on Facebook and you should still update your Fan Page for them, but stop spending time on it. Set your Facebook Fan Page on autopilot by doing the following:

1. Connect your blog so it posts automatically to your Facebook Page.

2. Connect your Pinterest account so it posts automatically to your Facebook Page.

3. Connect your Tumblr account so it posts automatically to your Facebook Page.

But what network should you use to pick up the slack that Facebook has left you with?


That’s it – pump up your Pinterest and watch the followers file in!

Too many people shortchange Pinterest and assume it is only about swapping recipes. Not so! (Though plenty of people will enjoy sharing your recipes.)

I know a writer who is always sharing recipes on Facebook but doesn’t have a Pinterest account. She needs Pinterest! Pinterest will connect her with fans who will connect with her over those recipes and start reading her books. She’ll get a much bigger return on her time investment through Pinterest than she ever will on Facebook. Writers have so many options. They can pin their books from Amazon or whatever retail outlet that sells their books. They can pin pictures of places where their stories take place. They can even pin their blogs!

When a musician friend asked if he should be on Pinterest, my answer was an enthusiastic “YES!” You can share YouTube videos on Pinterest. Think virtual sampler album.

A realtor asked if she should be focused on Pinterest. YES, YES, YES!

Realtors can set up pinboards for home decor ideas, kids’ rooms, kitchen designs, appliances, patio and yard design, gardening, and -of course- their current listings!

A restaurateur asked if there was any way they could use Pinterest.

Of course! With great photos of their menu items, they’ll be a huge hit on Pinterest.

What about bars or spirits companies?

Great photos of cocktails accompanied by recipes are a big hit on Pinterest.

No matter what industry you may be in, there is a way to make Pinterest work for it. With a little thought, you’ll find plenty of ways to exploit this wildly popular network. If you feel stumped, leave a question in the comments and I’ll be happy to offer you a list of suggestions!