transformationI’ve been told I have a remarkable ability to reinvent myself.  I believe that is true.

I’m not a chameleon that changes color with the weather, but I prefer to consider myself more the captain of a vessel that understands changes in course are sometimes necessary.

Course correction

Correcting Course

I’ve attempted physical transformations before.  I made a very good go of this one, but I wasn’t able to hold on to it.  I wasn’t able to stay the course through the storms of life.  I allowed money to become a limiting factor in workouts, nutrition, and supplementation.  Let’s face it.  It can be for many of us.  I also tried to do it while my life was a virtual hurricane of divorce, child custody issues, housemate drama, career change, and naievely allowing too many people into my life who were too happy to take advantage in one way or another.

That’s over.  I’m in a better place.  It isn’t all smooth sailing, but I’m in waters that are more calm and I can feel a gentle breeze filling my sails.  I’m ready to try again.

After all, if you haven’t reached your destination, you don’t quit the trip.  You just adjust your course.

I hope you’ll follow my progress for two reasons –

  1. If a 47-year-old woman can continue to aspire to changing her physique, anyone can and
  2. Sharing with you will help me stay accountable

More on how I plan to accomplish my transformation tomorrow!