*I plan to continue doing these 24 Day Challenges until I reach my goal.  I’d love you to join me on the next one, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to support each other every day.  Transformation, or even a little change, is so much easier with a friend.  Please join me?

Hormones Kill

estrogenI managed to make it through PMS without killing anyone.  What?  Yeah, that’s a good thing and speaks well of the Advocare products because there’s usually a body count.  Something a lot of women forget when they’re trying to transform their bodies is while men can usually just jump on the bandwagon and show steady weight/fat loss, most women just can’t.  We have monthly hormonal fluctuations that not only mess with our heads, they mess with our bodies too.  Remember my weight gain last week?

Be Kind to Yourself

Remember how it popped up right out of the blue and the only thing I could figure was off was the fact I hadn’t exercised?  Here’s the thing – I haven’t been knocking myself out with exercise.  All I’ve been doing in 30-45 minutes on a recumbent bike which is basically a step up from just sitting & breathing.  Anyway, seeing as I weighed in at 184 today, I’d say there might have been a bit of a hormone fluctuation going on last week.  The moral of the story is to remember the forces we’re dealing with when attempting a transformation and not kill ourselves trying to fight those monthly hormone cycles.

Officially, today begins Day 12 of my Advocare 24 Day Challenge.

The Numbers After 10 Days

I took my measurements this weekend and here’s what I discovered:

I lost an inch and a half off my waist and an inch off my hips as well as an inch off each thigh and calf.  That’s a loss of 6.5 inches.

My bodyfat is down 2% from 187.4lbs at 38% to 185.8lbs at 36%.  I went from carrying 71.2lbs of bodyfat to 66.8lbs.  That’s a loss of 4.3lbs of bodyfat.

My bodyweight went down from 187.4 to 185.8, a loss of 1.6lbs.  That also means I must have built 2.7lbs of muscle.  I’ll take that!

So here are the facts:

Pumping Tin

max phaseNow I’m through the Cleanse Phase and into the Max Phase (which began yesterday).  The supplements I’m taking now are all about bumping up my metabolism and turning my body into a fat burning machine.  I’m drinking a meal replacement shake for breakfast every day, Spark (energy drink) twice a day, taking MNS Max-E (vitamins, minerals & EFAs), ThermoPlus (thermogenic), Omegaplex (Omega-3 Fatty Acids), CarbEase (Carbohydrate & fat blocker), and Catalyst (Amino Acids).

In addition to my daily bike ride, I’ll begin lifting weights three times a week. Don’t be put off by weight lifting.  I’m not talking about powerlifting hundreds of pounds or pumping any real sort of iron.  I’m just adding some resistance exercise to my regimen.  That’ll mean using the basic machines at the YMCA.  We’ll call it pumping tin for now – it’s metal, but not terribly heavy.  Just like dieting, the last thing you want to do is knock yourself out the first day so that every day thereafter is a chore.  I’ll start light, like we all should, and start working my way up the weights to build more muscle.


Because muscle burns fat and a pound of it takes up less space than a pound of fat.

I may end up eating larger servings too, but I’m not at all worried about gaining weight because, as my friend Jason says, “Muscles are hungry sons of bitches”.

Join Me For The Next One?

I Need Buddies!

When I’m done with this first #24DC, I plan to keep on going! I’d love you to join me, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to keep each other on track every day.  Fitness is always easier with a buddy so who’s in?  Please leave a comment below or email me privately at Lisa@LisaPietsch.com if you’re ready to make a change with me.