*I plan to continue doing these 24 Day Challenges until I reach my goal.  I’d love you to join me on the next one, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to support each other every day.  Transformation, or even a little change, is so much easier with a friend.  Please join me?

I have a couple pieces of good news and one bit of bad news to report on my Advocare 24 Day Challenge today.

The Bad News

The Advocare Herbal Cleanse has three different types of packets in the box.  It has the Probiotic Restore capsules, the Herbal Cleanse caplets, and the Fiber Drink packets.  It’s super convenient to have all three products available in one box for the occasional cleanse, rather than having to buy full sizes of all three products if you really don’t need them every day.


probiotic restore herbal cleansefiber drink






Somehow, despite the obvious labeling and the two different forms (capsules & caplets), I mistook the Probiotic Restore for the herbal cleanse caplets I should have been taking every evening from Day 1 on.  So I’d been using Probiotic restore every evening.  Oops!

Check out the photo below.  I’m not sure how they could have spelled it out more clearly.  Duh!

cleanse probiotic

The Good News

poopThe good news is that my bowel movements, completely off kilter after a week of road tripping, are finally back to normal thanks to the probiotic.  Laugh all you want, but every mother knows that a good poop is a good thing!

And let’s face it, if it ain’t coming out, it ain’t coming off – and I want it off!

The other good news is that I weighed in at 184 today!  It’s definitely coming off!  That’s three pounds in three days.  The 30 pounds of weight loss I’m looking for may not be just a pipe dream after all.  I’ll take my measurements once I finish the 10-day cleanse and we’ll see where I stand on the inches I want to unload.

24dcOverall, I have to say I’m feeling really energetic and, aside from the oversight mentioned above, my mind feels much more clear than it would on a diet of some sort.  This is how weight loss ought to be: You work out, you eat right and you lose weight.

Clearly, dialing in my nutrition, exercise, rest, and supplementation was the key.

I’m loving the convenience of the app on my phone too.  I’m usually terrible about forgetting meals or snacks and letting my blood sugar dip into “Hangry”.  This app really keeps me on track.

More tomorrow on Day 5!

I Need Buddies!

When I’m done with this first #24DC, I plan to keep on going! I’d love you to join me, whether you use Advocare products or not.  We’ll have our own private group on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge app (also available for iThings) to keep each other on track every day.  Fitness is always easier with a buddy so who’s in?  Please leave a comment below or email me privately at Lisa@LisaPietsch.com if you’re ready to make a change with me.